Hygiene/Teeth Cleaning

If left untreated gum disease can lead not only to premature tooth loss but is also implicated in other serious health problems of the body in general.  It is the bacteria or the germs that cause destruction of the supporting tissues of the teeth.  The bone, gum and tissues supporting the teeth can be slowly destroyed by these germs and lead to gum disease, which loosens the teeth and causes infections, bad breath and lead to serious other health issues.

By having routine cleanings our Hygiene team will remove the plaque (soft germy deposits) and calculus (hard germy deposits) that contain these germs and improve overall oral health.  The dental cleaning consists of scaling which is the manual removal of the deposits either by specific hand instruments or by an ultrasonic scaler which removes deposits via a high frequency vibration tool.  The gum health is measured and recorded for future reference to monitor disease.  Lastly a polish is usually provided to ensure a smooth surface to slow down the deposition of plaque and calculus.  A fluoride treatment is administered based on the patient’s needs.

Oral hygiene instruction is given and demonstrated so proper techniques can be ultilized at home between visits.